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Calligos Winterscale

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Calligos Winterscale is the current head of the Winterscale rogue trader dynasty. He is a tall, broad man with terrifying physical strength, ruled by his passions. He is known to go from good-natured joviality to towering fury at a single word and will tear into a man at the slightest provocation. He commands the respect and obedience of scum and hardened crew while at the same time treating them as friends or equals.[1]


Calligos rose from complete anonymity and claimed to be the rightful heir of the dynasty. In a single week, the regents that controlled the Winterscale warrant either bowed to his will or vanished. Various rumours attest that Calligos either is or is not the legitimate heir to Arturos Winterscale or that he grew up as a pit-fighter in the lowest decks of Footfall.[1]

What is known for sure about Calligos is the stuff of legend: he rammed the Kroozer of the dread Freebooter Kaptin Snagrash Da Burna, led the boarding parties, and hewed Snagrash's head from its shoulders; he walked the surface of Somnium even as his men went mad and attacked each other while the spirits shirked from his wrath; he has hunted beasts on Burnscour; he drove the Eldar corsair vessel Silence of Eternity from the Koronus Expanse and he has journeyed to the systems on the edge of the Hecaton Rift. In personal combat, Winterscale wields a power axe named Breaker, a storm bolter named Hostile Argument, and a mono-knife named Fair Point, all of the best craftsmanship in the Imperium.[1]

Calligos Winterscale's interests span the Koronus Expanse, centred on Winterscale's Realm. His fleet contains ships of every description but numbers more ships of the line than other rogue traders, as befits his warlike nature. The flagship of his fleet is the grand cruiser Emperor's Vow. His endeavours include arms dealing, the Cold Trade, smuggling, piracy, exploration, and even legitimate trade ventures. If there is a way to make money, one of Winterscale's agents is doing it right now.[1]

The focus of Calligos's current effort is on Lucin's Breath, where he is embroiled in a stalemate against rival rogue trader Aspyce Chorda, a rival whom he can neither cow nor crush, over the planet's immeasurable wealth of nephium.[1]

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