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Calth Strain Epsilon

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Calth Strain Epsilon is a Tyranid splinter Hive Fleet, composed of surviving organisms from Hive Fleet Behemoth's destruction during the First Tyrannic War. It has been theorized by the Imperium, that Calth Strain Epsilon became active when hidden Behemoth Tyranids were drawn to Old One Eye, when the Carnifex escaped from the ice of Calth; decades after the Ultramarines' victory over the Hive Fleet. The continued viability of this splinter Hive Fleet centuries after the destruction of Behemoth, and in such apparent isolation from any larger group of Tyranid organisms, is a source of great concern for the Magos Biologis, fueling fears that, although the great beast has yet to be seen amongst them, Old One Eye might still be alive. Currently, Calth Strain Epsilon has invaded Kavardia in significant numbers, where they have repeatedly clashed with the Space Wolves fighting on the world. This has worried some in the Imperium, who fear the splinter Hive Fleet has developed a taste for the Canis Helix.[1]

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