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Camila was a Lord General in the Astra Militarum who led a Crusade into the Traxis Sector and successfully brought its worlds into the Imperium. After her death, she was declared an Imperial Saint and was laid to rest on the Shrine World Sacaellum, which laid within the Traxis Sector, and was interred within an enormous cathedral, that bore her name. Sometime later, for reasons unknown, the Traxis Sector was lost to the Imperium, until it was recently rediscovered in late M41. However, it was not only the Imperium who rediscovered the Sector, as the enemies of Mankind invaded as well; each intent on claiming Traxis' worlds for themselves. Though Sacaellum was the first world that was brought back into the Imperium's hands, when they came to reclaim the Sector, it was soon invaded by the various species and factions that were taking part in the war that had engulfed Traxis. Upon hearing of Sacaellum's invasion, the Black Templars dispatched Chaplain Mavros with a strike force to the beleaguered Shrine World, in order to evacuate the Saint's relics, that were interred with her, to safety off-world[1a]. However this has brought the Chaplain into conflict with a force from Craftworld Saim-Hann, led by Autarch Talyesin Fharenal, who for reasons unknown seek to claim Camila's relics for themselves.[1b]