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Camille is a Seraphim Superior of the Order of the Argent Shroud, who was part of a battlehost that was led by Canoness Verena Armenii to the embattled Hive World Acheron IV. The world had nearly been brought to its knees by Waaagh! Uggrot, but Verena did not bring her Sisters there to aid the beleaguered Imperium defenders. Instead she led them to the ruins of the Shrine of Saint Helena located at Angel Spire, an outpost long since overrun by the Ork invasion. There in the ruins they were to recover any sacred relics that had not been destroyed by the Orks' rampage. As soon as they set foot upon the outpost, the Sisters found themselves under attack immediately by the Orks who still held the area. Initially under Verena's leadership, Camille and her Sisters had great success in beating back the Orks from the Shrine, as they searched for the lost relics. That soon changed however, when the Warboss Grog Chewtops arrived and rallied the Orks into launching a ferocious attack on the Sisters' position. In the desperate battle that followed, the Sisters began to be cut down in greater numbers and Verena herself was killed. Just when it seemed the Orks would destroy the Sisters, Camille discovered the relic the Sword of Saint Helena near the ruins and, with the blessed weapon in her hands, launched herself at the Orks. With the Sword Camille tore threw the Ork lines and following her lead, a desperate pincher attack by the Sisters was launched that caught the Warboss in its center. As her Sisters fought around her, Camille engaged Grog and struck his head from his shoulders with the Sword. Seeing Grog's death broke the resolve of the Orks, who soon fled and brought a reprieve for the remnants of the battleforce. After the battle, Camille and her Sisters recovered what relics they could find, but all could see the cost for doing so had been high.[1]