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Camille Shivani

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Camille Shivani was an Architectural Archeohistorian[1a] attached to the Twenty-Eighth Expedition Fleet, specifically the Thousand Sons Space Marine Legion, during the Great Crusade. She was present during the events on Aghoru, Shrike and the Space Wolves invasion of Prospero. She possessed psychic abilities that allowed her to learn the complete histories of objects by simply touching them.[1b]


Camille Shivani was among the 42 remembrancers that accompanied the Thousand Sons Legion during their actions with the Twenty Eight Expeditionary fleet[1b]. Shivani formed a close friendship with fellow remembrancers Lemuel Gaumon and Kallista Eris. During this time she began an affair with the Prosperine woman Chaiya Parvati.[1c]

On Aghoru, Shivani assisted in researching the great mountain created by the elder race known to the current inhabitants as the Elohim (Eldar). During the campaign in the Ark Reach Cluster, Shivani was embedded with the 6th Fellowship of the Thousand Sons.[1c] Shivani was present on Shrike while the Thousand Sons brought that world into compliance. After restoring the Emperor's peace to Shrike, Shivani conducted additional scholarly work with the researchers of the Thousand Sons. This research was greatly enhanced by the use of her special ability, psychometry. She was able to determine the history of the object, its purpose and the lives of the people who had possessed or created them simply by physical touch.[1d]

While not on campaign, Shivani also conducted research into the distant history of Prospero. On one expedition into the Desolation of Prospero, Shivani was attacked by Psychneuein, an indiginous predatory psychic animal. She was wounded and taken for medical treatment. It was determined that she had been impregnated with the animals eggs inside her skull and survived after being treated by Phosis T'Kar and Hathor Maat.[1e][1f][1g]

Shivani is known to have left Prospero on board the Cypria Selene in the company of Gaumon, Chaiya, and Mahavastu Kallimakus after learning of a vision of the future from Kallista Eris. In her vision, Eris had warned her of the imminent invasion of Prospero by the Space Wolves. 33 seconds prior to entering the warp and leaving the Prospero system, the Space Wolves fleet arrived.[1h]

Camille, along with Lemuel and Chaiya, were brought to the brutal Sisters of Silence prison Kamiti Sona and held for several years, losing much of their memories and sanity in the process. They were later rescued/captured by Dio Promus and Yasu Nagasena during their hunt for the Shards of Magnus. Camille and Chaiya later tended to Nagasena's wounds after he fought hordes of Daemons.[2]