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Vanguard Eliminators with Camo-Cloaks

Camo-cloaks are hooded cloaks composed of a mesh backing, woven with thousands of ribbons of colour shifting and light-absorbing material,[3] weaved for its durability and ability to help hide the wearer.

The Camo Cloak is coated with an absorbent material called Cameleoline which takes on the colouration of the surroundings giving, the wearer a great deal of individual concealment and when used by elite stealth experts such as Chief Scout Sergeant Oan Mkoll can give the wearer near perfect concealment.[1]

Such cloaks are commonly used by the Tanith First and Only. Commissar Ibram Gaunt was awarded one of these by the soldiers of the regiment.[1] They are also used by Space Marine Scouts[4]. On the world Pavonis, Camo-Cloaks saved Sergeant Learchus and his Scout Squad from being discovered by Tau patrols.[2]

They are also favoured by Deathwatch sharpshooters[3] and Vanguard Space Marines.[5]