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Canis Wolfborn

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Canis Wolfborn

Canis Wolfborn (also known as Growlthroat, The Feral Knight, and Fangrider) is a Wolf Guard in Harald Deathwolf's Great Company and the Wolf Lord's champion.[1]

Canis is a loner, more at home amongst wolves than men. His steel and courage are beyond question, and all wolves instinctively obey his commands. He is well-known for his terrible battle frenzy, and rides the monstrous Thunderwolf Fangir into battle, with his old pack mates following in his wake.[1]


Much of Canis's origins is unknown. However, the Wolf Priests have theorised that Canis was lost in a snowstorm as an infant, abandoned after his nomadic tribe was killed, and raised as a whelp by a brooding she-wolf in whose lair Canis sought shelter.[1]

Canis was first encountered by the initiate Jorek the Giant during his Lone Hunt. Jorek had tracked a pack of Fenrisian wolves to a fissure in the Bladed Mountains and was about to pounce upon what he believed to be the alpha male of the pack when Canis (who had been tracking his footprints) slammed into him and pitched him over the edge of the cave roof into the circle of wolves below. Canis then beat Jorek unconscious and dragged him by the heels across the wasteland and back to the the gate of the Fang, with an entire family of gigantic Fenrisian wolves in tow. Canis and his pack gave up such a great howling that Wolf Lord Harald Deathwolf came to investigate, seeing that a mere man had bested a Space Marine. After several abortive attempts to communicate, Harald growled a challenge to Canis, and bested him in the resultant duel, although it was far more close-fought than Harald had expected. Canis begrudgingly bared his throat to Harald but instead of killing the young Canis, Harald instead inducted him into the Space Marines and his Great Company.[1] Enhancing his already superhuman skill for battle.[Needs Citation]

Riding atop the monstrous bulk of the Thunderwolf, Fangir, Canis is a whirlwind of feral rage, a frenzied killing machine capable of hacking apart entire squads of the enemy in a welter of blood and gore. Though his brothers within the Wolf Guard of Harald Deathwolf gently mock their pack brother Canis and his unusual heritage, their humour conceals a heartfelt respect. Canis has courage and strength beyond measure and despite his feral nature (or perhaps because of it) all are honoured to call him Battle-Brother.


Canis is armed with a pair of Lightning Claws. He rides the Thunderwolf Fangir into battle, who is as strong as a mastodon and as tall at the shoulder as an Ice Troll. Canis prefer Fangir's company to that of his fellow Astartes, so close is their pack-bond, and their combined aptitude for destructive rampage in close quarters is legendary amongst the Space Wolves. [1]


Canis Wolfborn, mounted on Fangir.[2]


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