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Canoptek Wraith

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2drones.gif This article is about the 5th Edition Wraiths; for the 3rd Edition Wraiths, see Wraith.
A Canoptek Wraith[1]

Canoptek Wraiths are a type of Necron construct.


Canoptek Wraiths are the eyes and ears of the central operating systems of any Necron Tomb World, patrolling for intruders and inspecting systems for damage and decay. [1]

Its primary weapon is its dimensional destabilisation matrix - a phase shifter that allows it to skip in and out of reality, which was originally designed to allow a Canoptek Wraith to reach into and repair solid machinery, however it is as effective when dealing with intruders. A Canoptek Wraith can phase its claws and tendrils inside an opponent, and resolidify them to sever arteries, nerve clusters and other vital pathways without leaving an external mark.[1]

Once battle begins, Canoptek Wraiths are tasked with sowing terror and disorder among enemy ranks by striking at commanders, support troops, and supply lines.[2]


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