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Captured Robotz

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Captured Robotz are Imperial Robots, that have been captured by Orks and converted into Tinboyz.[1]


Mekboyz relish the chance to get their hands on Imperial Robots, as they are crammed with all kinds of complex things. In fact it is a constant source of amazement to the Mekboyz that Techpriests should waste so many interesting bits on just one Robot. The Mekboyz ensure that these extra pieces are removed so they can be used in their other projects or adding them to Ork' weapons and bioniks. The captured Imperial Robots are then transformed into proper Tinboyz, by having their complicated parts replaced with simple radio control receivers. Although Robotz' body-shells and weapons usually remain essentially unchanged after the process, some additional work may be needed. This include hammering on extra plates to bring the Robotz' armor up to scratch or taking out armor so that crude radio receivers can be fitted upon them. Any protective fields the Robotz might have had, will also certainly be removed and may be replaced by the Mekboyz with proper Ork Force Fields.[1]

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