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Capulan's Knight Errant, the Vermilion Shield.[Needs Citation]

Capulan is a Knight Apparent[3] of House Terryn. As the pilot of the Knight Errant[3] Vermilion Shield, Capulan has won acclaim and glory for his household. In addition to commendations of valour given to him personally by Ultramarines Chapter Master Marneus Calgar, Capulan won the Golden Arrow – the highest knightly honour of Voltoris – for his fighting prowess in the Ghoul Wars. On the world of Oranos, Capulan even made alliance with the Eldar to defeat a near endless tide of recently awoken Necrons.[1]

Because of his many feats of honour, Lord Capulan was selected by High King Tybalt to join the household for their revenge attack upon the Tau invading Agrellan. After losing his Baron, he joined his lance brothers to become one of Tybalt’s Triumvirate. There, with deadly thermal cannon blasts, Lord Capulan earned further renown until unusually accurate fire from a Hammerhead tank damaged his weapon systems and forced an honourable retreat.[1]

Capulan also fought in support of a Dark Angels force on the planet Prefectia. There he dueled with a Tau KV128 Stormsurge, which was piloted by Shas'vre Doros.[2]

Capulan later met his end against Goreash, a Lord of Skulls, when fighting with Task Force Zephon against a Chaos Space Marine warband known as the Harbingers of Destruction.[3]