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Cardinals are the highest-ranking officials within the Ecclesiarchy, after the Ecclesiarch himself.[1]


Cardinals are members of the Frateris clergy and form a group known as the Holy Synod[1], which elects the Ecclesiarch, the head of the entire Ecclesiarchy, from their own number. Most Cardinals lead a diocese. Although each Cardinal's diocese is outside another's jurisdiction, some rank higher than others, as they are divided into three orders.[1] There are some several thousand Cardinals.[4]

Cardinals Palatine

The five Cardinals Palatine are the highest-ranking Cardinals. They do not have dioceses, instead serving as assistants to the Ecclesiarch in the Ecclesiarchal Palace on Terra.[2][3]

Cardinals Terran

The Cardinals Terran are those who have dioceses on Terra.[1]

Cardinals Astral

The Cardinals Astral have dioceses on other Imperial worlds. Those in the Ophelia VII area are known as the Astral Ministra or Synod Ministra, while those in other regions are categorised as simply the Astral.[1]

Other Known Titles of Cardinals

  • Arch-Cardinal[5]
  • Cardinal-Governor[6] also known as a Cardinal-Exemplar[7]

Known Cardinals

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