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Cardinal Boras

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The Cardinal Boras was a Retribution Class Battleship[1] which took part in the Horus Heresy and defended Terra when it was invaded by the Warmaster's forces.[2]

The Battleship survived that climactic battle and later took part in the Gothic War, which it also survived.[1]

The Cardinal Boras then took part in Magos Lexell Kotov's expedition into the Halo Scar.[3a] It was during the voyage inside the Halo Scar that the Cardinal's over four thousand years of service would come to an end, as it came under a surprise attack by the Craftworld Biel-Tan warship the Starblade. Unable to evade the more maneuverable ship or bring its weapons to bear, the Cardinal was relentlessly taken apart and destroyed by the Eldar warship.[3b]