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Cardinal Crimson (Redemption Cult)

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Cardinal Crimson is a High Hierophant within Necromunda's Redemption Cult and he commands the Redemptionist Crusade, that is active in Hive Primus' Underhive.[1]


A self-proclaimed scourge of sin and hammer of heresy, Cardinal Crimson orders his Crusade to regularly search the Underhive for Heretics they can execute in the Emperor's name. As the Cardinal views most people to be Heretics, a large number of them can be captured and executed at once. During once such search for Heretics, the Bounty Hunter Scabbs was captured by the Redemptionist Crusade and was going to be thrown into a toxic-pool to be burned alive for his sins. Before that could happen though, the famed Bounty Hunter Kal Jerico came to Scabbs aid and attacked the Cult, in order to free his long time friend and Bounty Hunter partner. During the attack, Kal used a chain hanging over the execution site to swing down and knock the Cardinal into the toxic-pool. He then killed several of the Redemptionists, before making his escape with Scabbs. The Cardinal however, was miraculously not killed and was able to pull himself free of the toxic pool, though he was left horribly burned and disfigured. Upon seeing this, the Redemptionist Crusade looked upon the Cardinal in awe and believed that the Emperor had directly intervened to save him - but the Cardinal quickly corrected them of this notion. He claimed he had not been saved, but had instead been reborn after being baptized by the toxic-pool's flames. However, the pain his rebirth now caused the Cardinal to suffer, also allowed the Emperor's divine will to be revealed to him. As his followers gathered around him to hear his proclamation, Cardinal Crimson screamed out that the Emperor ordered him to bring death to the greatest of all Heretics: Kal Jerico.[1]