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Cardinal Tang

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Cardinal Tang was the tyrannical "Ethnarch" of the Yndonesic Bloc on Terra during the last days of the Age of Strife and most of the Unification Wars.[1]

He was a zealot, but Tang knew the artifice of faith was his unifying weapon.[2] After taking power in the Yndonesic Bloc, Tang imposed a genocidal regime on the islands of Yndonesia, forcing mating between genetically compatible citizens and punishing "inferior matings." At the time of the Horus Heresy several centuries after Tang's rule, the Mechanicum machinist Zouche Chahaya revealed that his parents had been killed by Tang's forces for the "crime" of producing a genetically inferior child. Chahaya characterized Tang's rule as one of "bloody pogroms, death camps and genocides", resulting in the murder of millions.[1]

When the Emperor launched the Unification Wars, establishing the Imperium, Tang became one of his most long-lasting enemies. His forces still held a number of fortress zones when almost all other regimes on the planet had surrendered or been destroyed. In fact, the Imperium had already begun to expand beyond Terra, conquering Luna[3] in 703.M30.[4] When Tang's last bastion was finally conquered by the Imperium,[1] possibly around 712.M30,[5] he was captured alive and imprisoned in the notorious penal colony of Nusa Kambagan, later a productive Hive. After a few days, some of his fellow inmates learned his identity and murdered him.[1]

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