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Cardinal World

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Cardinal worlds are one of the sub-types of the Civilised World classification, and share the same properties such as self-sufficiency and at minimum, a moderate technological level. They are Ecclesiarchy worlds, ruled directly by the Ministorum, with the planetary governor also being a Cardinal. Temples and other religious sanctuaries often cover vast areas of the planet.[1]

Known Cardinal Worlds

Planet name Segmentum Affiliation Population Notes
Almace Unknown Imperium Unknown [2]
Armastem VII Unknown Imperium Unknown
Avignor Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Basphoria Unknown Imperium Unknown
Dimmamar Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Dorvastor Unknown Imperium Unknown
Espandor Ultima Segmentum Imperium Unknown
Segmentum Solar Imperium Unknown Destroyed
Gallilenus III Unknown Imperium Unknown
Gathalamor Segmentum Solar Imperium Unknown
Heletine Unknown Imperium Unknown
Ignatius Cardinal Unknown Imperium Unknown
Lethan Tertius Unknown Imperium Unknown
Nedicta Secundus Unknown Imperium Unknown
Okassis (former) Ultima Unknown, former Imperium Unknown Now — Dead World
Ophelia VII Segmentum Tempestus Imperium Unknown Also — Shrine World, Forge World
Orthoda Rex Unknown Imperium Unknown
Phaistos Osiris Ultima Segmentum Imperium Unknown
Totem IV Unknown Imperium Unknown [3]
Salem Proctor Unknown Imperium Unknown
Sanctimonia Unknown Imperium Unknown The staring point of the Sanctimonia Conflict in 291.M37
Savaven Unknown Imperium Unknown
Scound's Fall Segmentum Solar Imperium Unknown
St. Guise Unknown Imperium Unknown
Valedor (former) Unknown None Unknown Also - former Maiden World (known as Duriel)
Now - destroyed


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