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Carnage Cruiser

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Carnage Class Cruiser[1]

The Carnage Class Cruiser is a Chaos starship.[1]


Originally, the Carnage Class was an Imperial ship designed as a fleet support vessel, providing supporting fire with large numbers of long-range weapons batteries.[1]

The Carnage class was ill-fated from the start. First, much division was caused within Battlefleet Obscurus by the myriad technical problems with its weaponry. What's more, the very first Carnage class cruiser, the Relentless, would earn the new name Initiate of Skalathrax after turning traitor during the Skalathrax Landing[*] and destroying half of the convoy it was guarding.[1] Today, most are used by the Forces of Chaos.

Notable Carnage Class Cruisers

Notable Carnage Class Cruisers include[1]:


Carnage Cruiser


[*]This appears to be a completely different "Skalathrax" than the more famous Daemon world of the same name.