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The Carnibales are an insurgency native to the planet Solo-Baston which began when the Ecclesiarchy began appropriating land from the indigenous population.


This page contains spoilers for: Flesh and Iron (Novel)

When the Ecclesiarchy, the ruling power on Solo-Baston, began appropriating the lands of the various tribes to turn over to agricultural use, what first appeared to be a grass-roots insurgency began to trouble the planet. In reality the rebellion was instigated by the Dos Pares, members of the Blood Gorgons Chaos Space Marines. The Carnibales were able to very quickly massacre the Solo-Baston PDF who had not expected the insurgency.

Eventually the Imperial Guard was called in to put down the rebellion, however their efforts proved futile because the Carnibales had captured the super heavy Earthwrecker siege gun, which allowed them to thwart any attempt to land on the main Solo-Baston landmass.

Though initially none of the Imperial authorities suspected the insurgency was aided by the forces of Chaos, the increasing number of mutants among the Carnibales fighters and the growing number of shrines to the Dark Gods made this fact obvious.


The Carnibales are separated into warbands commanded by fanatical Disciples, who enact the will of the Dos Pares. These warbands were recruited from among the local populations, many of which had lost their ancestral lands to Imperial forces. There was no real command structure save for the guidance provided by the Dos Pares and their Disciples.

Much of the Carnibales' infrastructure was located in rural villages which would assemble weapons and other war supplies smuggled in from off planet. These supplies would then be taken to underground tunnel complexes which served as the Carnibales' staging grounds.

Though there were many Canibales "regulars", those who were full time insurgents, there was also a great many part time insurgents who would take up arms against Imperial forces in their localities but would continue to live their regular lives most of the time. It is unknown how much, if at all, of a role chaos played in these attacks.

Combat Methods

The Carnibales used mainly ambush tactics, using the many rivers and jungles of their planet to their advantage. They specialised in hit and run tactics and night fighting and would extort supplies from local villages. Those who remained loyal to the Imperium would be massacred, insuring that few villages would resist Carnibales occupation and would actively fight against Imperial forces in their locality.

Because of the many rivers, Carnibales forces deployed many small boats which the Imperial Guard dubbed "spikers," as in many cases these small boats would be used for suicide attacks.


The Disciples were the front line commanders of the Carnibales movement. These were locals who had become converts to Chaos and absorbed the teachings of the Dos Pares. They would be injected by the Dos Pares with Daemon blood which would radically alter their bodies. It would lengthen their bones to lengthen and cause veins to become visible through the skin, because of this the disciples would coat themselves in white chalk. Though this would dramatically increase their strength, height and presence on the battlefield it also burned out the disciples very quickly.

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