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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Beast; for the Imperial Army Tank, see Carnodon (Tank).
A Carnodon.[4]

A Carnodon, a member of the felid genus, is a large species of cat from the planet of Gudrun in the Helican Subsector[2a].


The Carnodon is described as being between 800 and 900 kilograms when mature and 5 to 6 metres in length,[1][2b] with a striped pelt and large sawing tusks.[2] It closely resembles the snow leopard of old Terra, except it is much larger, and more ferocious.[5]


Notable examples of the species include:

  • A sick, old escapee from a zoo on the planet of Gershome. This specimen was well past its prime and was reduced to scavenging off the weak and infirm of the population of Tycho before it was killed by a Magistratum officer. At the time of its death it weighed only 600 kilograms and was in very bad condition overall with a bad coat, bad teeth etc.[1]
  • The two specimens fought by Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn and his retinue during the Necroteuch affair when they raided House Glaw on Gudrun and were captured and forced into an arena fight. It was during this encounter that the then-Interrogator Heldane was seriously mauled, forever scarring his appearance soon after killing one of two Carnodons. The other Carnodon was killed by Urisel Glaw when it started to rampage through the crowd of spectators during Eisenhorn's escape.[2b]
  • Sanguinius, the Primarch of the Blood Angels Space Marine Legion, wore a carnodon-skin mantle over his Power Armour.[3] He killed it during his first campaign with his Legion after meeting with his "father," the Emperor of Mankind.[5]
  • A carnodon was imported by the Black Templars to test a batch of Aspirants, which was killed by the warrior Raclaw.[4]


Sanguinius in the air over Signus Prime; the Carnodon pelt is visible draped over his shoulders.[5]