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Cartomancy is a form of divination using cards, practiced by the Grey Knights, many of whom are powerful psykers.


Brother Leodegarius practiced it on Salinas while planning the Knights' counter-attack to an outbreak of Chaos on the planet.[1]

Each card drawn by Leodegarius represented the character of a person in a group he had assembled, all of whom would prove to be pivotal in the coming battle.[1]

Known Cards

During the Salinas incident, Leodegarius drew eight cards from the pack[1]:

  • Justice - depicting a blindfolded lady with a sword and a set of scales, represents the importance of law and order, and of those individuals who champion them; drawn for Enforcer Daron Nisato.
  • The Hanged Man - depicting a man hung by his ankles from a gibbet, represents the failure of a man's ambitions to bear fruit, but encouraging that man to be patient and let go of his attachments to the past; drawn for Pascal Blaise;
  • The Hierophant - represents the love of ritual and conformity, and the need for approval from others; drawn for Cardinal Shavo Togandis.
  • The Lightning Tower - represents the volatility of change and the overthrow of existing ways of life; drawn for Ultramarines Captain Uriel Ventris.
  • The Sorceror - represents control of one's own decisions and the use of power for evil, destructive ends; drawn for Governor Leto Barbaden.

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