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Casella was a Space Marine of the Deathwatch, hailing from the Crimson Fists Chapter.[1]

Casella was one of the Deathwatch Marines aboard the Strike Cruiser Incontrovertible Truth when it was ambushed by ships of the Black Legion. As the Chaos Space Marines crippled and boarded the vessel, Casella was one of a group of Marines who were prevented from joining Watch Captain Gharvil in repelling the boarders by damage to the ship. Instead, Casella and the Marines with him attempted to set ambushes of their own in order to bring down the invaders.[1]

Although the Deathwatch Marines were able to kill a number of Chaos Marines, Casella was severely wounded and three of his teammates were killed. Casella, recognising that he was going to die and not wanting to hinder his Battle-Brother, sacrificed himself to allow Antor Delassio to escape.[1]