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Casophili is an Imperial Saint and originally a Missionary of the Ecclesiarchy.[1]


On the planet Alena Three, the mission encountered minions of the Chaos Gods at the heard of several of the feral societies of that world. Using what few resources were available, Saint Casophili did what he could in order to counter the threat posed by the endemic and laid down the groundwork for a full Ecclesiarchy task force which was to continue his work. However, as their forces moved from one settlement to another where they preached the word of the God-Emperor, their foes began to take notice. The council of priests could no longer bear a further threat to their power which they used to rule the world and thus moved against Saint Casophili by capturing and torturing him in order for him to recant his errant beliefs.[1]

According to the chronicles of Casophili, it is said that his arduous ordeal at the hands of the twisted priests led to his death by the wounds he had sustained. Whilst it is recorded that he had died at the hands of his tormentors, a miracle happened five days later when the missionary's body was to be burnt on a sacrificial pyre to the Dark Gods. As the flames took hold on his body, Saint Casophili seemingly roused himself and jumped from the fires. Confronting his tormentors, he gathered a crowd and the story of the saint's resurrection spread quickly whereupon he led the people of Alena Three against their priesthood.[1]

After his legend spread, Casophili was declared a Saint and eventually a Radical sect of the Inquisition, Casophilians, arose from his name.[1]

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