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Castellan (Black Templars)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Rank of the Black Templars; for the other uses, see Castellan.
Castellan by John Blanche[5]

Black Templars Castellans function as Lieutenants for this esoteric successor Chapter[7], and rank below Marshals.[6]



The larger Crusades are broken down into various Fighting Companies. To lead these, the Marshal in charge of the Crusade will appoint a Sword Brother with the honorarium of Castellan.[1]


Acting as the right hand of their Marshal, they help direct their battle-brothers in war. By handling the squad-level combat logistics of force coordination and acting as exemplary leaders, they free up their Marshals to focus on the wider strategic picture of the entire war zone.[7]

Castellans are also charged with the rule of each active Black Templar's Chapter Keep: they are responsible for the defense of the fortification, as well as the spiritual and physical security of its world, the recruiting of aspirants, and command of any Black Templars assets garrisoning it. This is a burden that tempers those who carry it, teaching wisdom and patience even when it feels like the chafing of bonds of penance. Many Castellans who excel as Keep commanders go on to become the wisest of Marshals.[6]

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