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Castellan Class Robot

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Class of Robots; for the other uses, see Castellan.
Castellax Class Robot

Castellan Class Robots were a type of war robot deployed by the Legio Cybernetica.[1]


Designed for anti-vehicle and siege work, the Castellan is an assault Robot useful for a wide range of battlefield roles. Its twin power fists and heavy bolter give it a dangerous punch, protected by a power field/synchroniser unit. It can substitute its heavy bolter for a lascannon, melta gun or third power fist, while the standard fists can be replaced with a Siege Hammer, autocannons and flamer.[1]

The most numerous pattern of Castellan Class Robot are the Castellax Battle-Automata[2], which are designed primarily for siege and shock assault operations and are known for a particularly aggressive Machine Spirit.[2] The Thousand Sons operated a unique variant of the Castellax class known as the Castellax-Achea.



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