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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Titan-machine; for the kind of Imperial Knight, see Knight Castigator.

By the Fell Gods and the destiny of warp, by the death of the False Emperor and the dying of the stars, we bring to you, Warmaster Abaddon, Beloved of Chaos, Despised of Man, this tribute. For now these last days are the final fires burning, the black flames that consume a galaxy, the storms of the warp that drown out life, the End Times and the dawn of a galaxy of Chaos. We swear fealty to the Gods of Chaos and their herald, Abaddon the Despoiler, with this tribute that it might strike fear into the followers of the Corpse-Emperor and that through it they may see the true face of death...

Encrypted signal from Chaeroneia[1a]

The Castigator-class autonomous bipedal weapons platform was a corrupt AI STC Titan found on the planet Chaeroneia.


The Castigator was created during the Dark Age of Technology, and was the original Titan design, with all newer variants being incomplete attempts at copying the specifications.[1c] It was originally lost on the Forge World Chaeronia during the Dark Age and remained lost even when the planet was pulled into the warp thousands of years later. During its time in the Warp, the Titan made a pact with the Black Legion: by allowing a daemon to possess it, it would be empowered by the Warp. Thanks to the unstable nature of the Warp, the Castigator remained in the Warp for a millennia and had forgotten much of what happened during that time including being possessed. The Castigator was rediscovered, when the planet reemerged from the warp a century later, by a force of Grey Knights lead by Justicar Alaric. When confronted by Alaric, the Castigator did not believe it was possessed until Alaric convinced it of the truth, to which the Titan's daemon appeared and was slain by Alaric. Alaric then destroyed the Castigator while his comrades Dvorn and Haulvarn destroyed the Titan's STC[1d] to prevent either from falling into the hands of nearby Chaos forces. Fragments of the Titan's STC were collected by the Adeptus Mechanicus for archiving and study.


The Castigator's appearance differed from standard Imperial Titans in that its head did not jut from the chest but actually was above the shoulders. The Titan was noted as being markedly superior to more recent designs.[1b] . The Castigator was unique among all known Titans, not just in appearance, but by also being the only known Titan controlled by an AI and the only known Titan to have been made by an STC.



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