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The Eldar are an ancient and fey humanoid race with a history stretching back into millions of years. They were for a long time the dominant species in the Milky Way galaxy. After the Fall of the Eldar the Imperium rose to that position but the Eldar are still mighty power-players on the political stage of galactic affairs and not a force to be idly trifled with.

The whole Eldar race can be roughly divided into four distinct groups.

The Craftworld Eldar live on Craftworlds. All craftworlds are independent nations who usually help each other, It is very rare (but not unknown) for craftworlds to fight against each other.

They have usually friendly relationships with the somewhat barbaric Exodites who live a hardy and primitive life.

The Harlequins are wandering bands of warrior-performers, also highly regarded by the Eldar.

The Dark Eldar are sadistic pirates, who raid the galaxy for slaves to torture and to consume. Although They are shunned, hated, and feared by all the other Eldar factions. They hate and despise them in return, and deadly confrontations are the usual result of any encounter.

Blurring these lines are the Outcasts of the craftworlds, who may live as pirates or rangers for a time. Their usual targets are the Monkeigh (Humans) but on rare occasions even other Eldar are their victims.

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