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For a a complete list of Warhammer 40k Novels see: List of Novels

This category is for novels that have been published in the form of trade paperback (short: TBP), books, and hardback (short: HB) telling stories of the 40K universe.

The difference between the formats is not always easy to see; Normally the trade paperback are pocket-sized (and are the smallest of them all - Taschenbuch in German). Larger volumes are usually of A4 or some similar size. Another distinction is made with the cover. The softer trade paperback and the hardback.

  • Always categorize this kind of article(s) with Category:Novels.
  • Images of the covers can be found in (and should be sorted into) Category:Images (Novels) (look below).

To keep it simple for everybody you are advised to choose among: "title" (Anthology), "title" (Novel), and finally "title" (Novel Series).

  • A collection of short-stories published a single volume should receive a "title" (Anthology). Example: Deathwing (Anthology).
It is a collection of short-stories telling different tales not related to each other in any significant way. Even if there was more than a single edition (and even if the next edition had additional stories) create only a single article. It is all-too easy to explain the issue inside the article whereas several articles with the same title will create only confusion.
  • The overwhelming majority will be one-shot novels. A single story which is told and finishes in a single book. Use "title" (Novel). Example: Eye of Terror (Novel).
Even if the novel was later re-published under a new cover create only a single article (where you can, and should if possible, show all the covers).
  • If the novel was published in a hardcover edition and/or published in a paperback edition (or vice-versa), then use "title" (Novel). Example: Ravenor (Novel).
It is still the same story even if it was published in several editions and different formats. If possible the article should show all the covers and describe the different editions.
  • Some very successful novel series tell a much larger story in several volumes (e.g.: Horus Heresy, Eisenhorn, and Gaunts Ghosts). Each volume tells a chapter of the story, but the story may have larger story-arches which may include more than one volume. You have two choices:
  • A) If you really wish to create several articles - one for each of the volumes - then by all means do it. Use "title" (Novel) for each of the volumes.
However remember that this will take a lot of effort and dedication. It is easier to create a single article (see below) and over time it will be expanded slowly; if it truly reaches a breaking point it can easily be divided. It is harder to expand several articles at the same time. Yet sometimes it is truly the best solution (i.e. the series has lots of volumes and is truly important for a lot of fans).
  • B)You are advised to create a single article for a series with few volumes. Use "title" (Novel Series) (e.g. Dawn of War (Novel Series) ). There is a large number of series and the number of volumes is quite variable.
Be careful when you search for the name, and don't be afraid to ask the opinion of other users. As of 2007 only the Eisenhorn trilogy and the Inquisition War trilogy have the word "trilogy" (or something similar) in their titles. If you are savvy enough, turn the titles (of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd volume, etc) into re-directs towards the single article.
In the end you are choosing between several "title" (Novel) — articles or a single "title" (Novel Series) — article. It is your own free choice.

Note:It doesn't matter to be always 100% accurate. It is better to keep it relatively easy and simple for everybody.

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