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Cauldron of Savagery

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The Cauldron of Savagery is a Space Hulk, that first appeared on the fringes of the Calixis Sector's Drusus Marches Sub-sector between 589 to 591.M39.[1]


It purportedly exited the Warp Storms at the Sector's edge and then marauded through several of Calixis' border Systems. Imperial Navy warships were assigned to shadow and harry the Space Hulk and do so, even as it nears the Sector's Warp Storm infected border. The Cauldron of Savagery then seemingly disappeared back into the Storms and the pursuing Imperial Navy warships were later declared lost with all hands near the border. Later evidence and deduction seemed to indicate that the Cauldron's point of origin was the Koronus Expanse.[1]

The Cauldron later reappeared to blight the Drusus Marches Sub-sector in 673.M40. This was during a period of unprecedented Ætheric turbulence, which disrupted communication and passage within the Drusus Marches. This leads to a loose alliance of Rogue Trader vessels, under the leadership of the infamous Rogue Trader privateer Esme Chorda, and a threadbare contingent of Battlefleet Calixis defenders to confront the dread wanderer. The fleet does battle with the Space Hulk within the the Pellucidan System and manages to bombard it. This successfully drives the Cauldron into the System's sun and saves Pellucidan's worlds from the Space Hulk's nightmarish inhabitants. However, the System's sun is said to be be scarred for nearly three decades afterwards, with vivid greenish stains burning upon its harsh white surface.[1]