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Cawdor Ridge Walker

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Cawdor Ridge Walkers are two legged ramshackle vehicles, that are built and used by Necromunda's House Cawdor.[1]


Its followers dream of emulating the Imperium's holy war machines, such as the such as the Warhound Titan, Imperial Knight, or Astra Militarum Sentinel, but lack the resources to manufacture them. Instead, House Cawdor attempts to echo the proud fighting machines' lineage with their Ridge Walkers, which are built from materials found in garbage heaps. These vehicles can traverse even the most rugged terrain on Necromunda at a semi-dignified trot and are used by Cawdor's pious followers to travel to the Hive World's shrines and holy places. Capable warriors known as Way-Brethren, also make use of the Ridge Walkers and use their speedy steeds to scout ahead of Cawdor convoys and bully their way through enemy lines.[1]