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Ceaseless Pyre

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The Ceaseless Pyre was a Mimetic Annihilator, which was among the dangerous archaeotech that the Iron Hands' Primarch, Ferrus Manus, had hidden within the Legion's Vaults of Mimir. The weapon's activation would consume a world in never-ending flames, that would then spread off-world to any craft that had an open vox-link to the doomed world.[1]


In the aftermath of the Horus Heresy's Dropsite Massacre, the archaeotech was taken to the backwater Forge World Ohmn-Mat, by the Iron Hands War Leader Durante Osch, along with some 400 Medusan Immortals, Dreadnoughts and Imperial Robots. Its not known why Osch did so, or if he even knew what the Ceaseless Pyre was capable of. Regardless, for the next few years the Warleader held it, as his forces took part in Ohmn-Mat's civil war between Loyalist and Traitors, where they defended the Forge-Fane Thyaetira. At the close of 10.M31, however, the Forge-Fane was invaded by the Sons of Horus Captain Jharran Deygen and his 84th Company. Unbeknownst to Thyaetira's defenders, it had been chosen as the site of a Chaos ritual, that would bestow possession of Ohmn-Mat and arcane powers upon Deygen and his warriors. The location was within the Forge-Fane's vast Lacyraemarta harvesting precincts, where the 84th completed the ritual, despite the efforts of Thyaetira's Mechanicum forces and Osch's Iron Hands.[1]

This led Daemons to appear within the Forge-Fane, which began to overwhelm Thyaetira's defenders. A severely wounded Osch, was then able to kill Captain Deygen, but his remains were possessed by the Daemon Prince Samus. This led Daemons to appear across Ohmn-Mat, dooming the Loyalists on the Forge World. Within Thyaetira, the battle was nearly over, when a handful of its Mechanicum forces and Iron Hands were able to escape with the still-living War Leader Osch. As they did so, the 84th and its Daemons began purging the Forge Fane of any Loyalist that remained within it. Soon the Traitors found the last holdout within Thyaetira, where Osch's rescurers had brought the wounded War Leader. However as it was about to be invaded and overwhelmed, the surviving Loyalists sought to deny the 84th their victory and activated the Ceaseless Pyre. Its activation caused never-ending flames to envelop Ohmn-Mat and this scoured the Loyalists, Traitors and Daemons from the now former Forge World. The large-scale destruction did not end there, however. Any voidcraft, planetary outpost or space-bound installation that had an active vox-link to Ohmn-Mat when the Pyre was activated, began to be burned by its flames as well, before then spreading to any of their open vox connections. This only ended when Pyre's signal reached the edges of Ohmn-Mat's System, but by then the 84th's flagship, Admonisher, and its fleet had been destroyed. Even now, the weapon's flames continue to burn Ohmn-Mat's surface.[1]