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Ceglan Varl

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Ceglan Varl was a sergeant of the Tanith First and Only Imperial Guard regiment, serving in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.


An original member of the regiment, starting out as a "dog-trooper," Varl was promoted to Sergeant in recognition of his ability and popularity. Something of a grifter as well as a joker, Varl is one of the more notorious members of a regiment whose members are known to regularly skirt the edge of adherence to regulations.[Needs Citation]

Varl's presence in the thick of the Tanith counter-attack during the Fortis Binary campaign led to him receiving a serious wound to the shoulder; a lasbolt nearly atomised it, leaving his arm barely attached.[1a] He was fitted with an extensive cybernetic replacement for his entire shoulder joint at the campaign's conclusion.[1b]

After his convalescence, Varl was promoted by the regiment's commander Ibram Gaunt to the rank of Sergeant.[1c] His first action thereafter was as part of the picked-man revenge squad put together to cause havoc amidst the Jantine Patricians regiment and recover Major Rawne, whom the Jantine had kidnapped.[1d]

During the Siege of Vervunhive, Varl's platoon was stationed on the Hass East bastion at the eastern end of the city wall, which had, thus far, remained untouched by the fighting. He was among the first to notice the Zoican sappers that infiltrated the city behind the Guard lines and fought desperately alongside the Vervun Primary troopers to repel them.[2a] After the assault was repulsed, he remembered, with his usual quick thinking, that the invaders' uniforms and vehicles had fuel residue on them.[2b] He sent a report to Gaunt which, coupled with other evidence, eventually led to the arrest of a civilian businessman, Worlin, who had secretly disobeyed the city's order to seal the promethium pipelines leading into the city, inadvertently allowing the Zoican saboteurs in.[2b][2c]

Appearance and Abilities

Varl sports a distinctive bionic shoulder implant (variously referred to as an augmetic or cybernetic) which has given him somewhat greater than normal strength in that arm.[1b] Given Varl's quick-thinking as a trooper and confidence as a sergeant, Gaunt mused that he should have noticed and promoted Varl sooner.[1c]

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