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Sisters of Battle Celestians[2]

Celestians are the fighting elite of the Sisters of Battle.[2]


Celestians are the most skilled fighters within an Order of the Sisters of Battle, the fighting arm of the Adepta Sororitas. Gathered together in specialized squads, Celestians are ferocious and remorseless fighters. Religious fanatics, they are fervent adherents to the Imperial Creed and skilled practitioners of the martial arts of the Daughters of the Emperor of old. As a sign of their status they frequently wield special weapons in combat such as the Heavy Bolter, Stormbolter, Heavy Flamer, or Multi-Melta.[2]

Celestian Superior

The senior Celestians in an Order, Celestians Superior aid the Canoness with the day-to-day running of the Order. They specifically act as administrative liaisons between the Sisters Superior and the Canoness, and may even lead Battle Sisters into combat when the Canoness is otherwise engaged.[1]


A single Celestian in a Celestian Squad may be nominated as an Imagifier (Banner Bearer). These often carry a Simulacrum Imperialis, one of the Orders' ancient banners, into combat unarmed, to inspire their fellow sisters to fight harder against all odds.[3a]

Celestian Bodyguard

Occasionally, Celestians may be formed up into bodyguard groups for senior members of the Order, such as Celestians Superior or even a Canoness. To be selected for such a role the Celestian must have previously distinguished herself in battle. The most noble warriors of the Order, Celestians approved for bodyguard duties may also be given additional responsibilities, such as becoming a banner-bearer, an Imagifier or a being assigned a particular duty in the Convent-Shrine.[1]

Ophelian Celestian Squad

Ophelian Celestian Squads are formed from the best Celestians of the Orders Militants, hailing from the convents on Ophelia VII. If the need arises the entire squad can be requisitioned into serving in a Canoness' personal retinue.[3b]

Notable Celestians