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Cetaceus Class Transport

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Cetaceus Class Transporter

The Cetaceus-Class Transporter, or the Whale as it is sometimes referred to, is an Imperial vessel used exclusively by the Imperial Navy to transport manpower and equipment from battlezone to battlezone.


They perform a similar role to that of a Space Marine Battle Barge, yet without the heavy firepower or capacity to launch drop pods.

Like other deployment/carrier vessels, whaleships can carry upwards of a single regiment of Imperial Guard units with all associated equipment and vehicles. However, they are unique in that the associated guard units are not actually held within the vessel itself at all, but within specially designed interplanetary dropships that are stored within the hull, ready to be launched when the carrier reaches position. The whaleships; are also capable of carrying all of their own support craft, from Minotaur-Class Tug vessels, Devourer Dropships, and strike craft, deploying them from the a large open launchbay at the fore of the vessel in addition to the dropships. Unlike the launch bay on more common Imperial carriers, the support craft are stored within three massive decks that are exposed to the vacuum of space. Therefore each support craft is self-sufficient and only dependent on the carrier for warp travel from location to location.

The Cetaceus itself is particularly well armoured, and, since much of its hull space is taken up by empty storage, it is capable of operation even after massive hull damage (up to 75% structural damage has been noted with continued operation).

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