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Chain Glaive

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House Cawdor Chainglaive with built-in Exterminator[4]

Chain Glaives, also known as Chain Halberds, are a rarer type of Imperial or Ork Chain Weapon that combines the reach of a poleweapon with the gnashing fury of a chainbladen. These weapons come in a startling variety based on the sundry forge worlds and eras in which they were manufactured, but all are extremely deadly.[1][5]

Favored by the World Eaters and Night Lords, these are spear-like weapons with a double-edged Chain Blade attached to its end. They are used as either a slashing or thrusting weapon, with the long reach and lighter chain blade making it useful for quick strikes and maneuvers.[1] In the Night Lords Legion Chainglaives were a weapon of choice among the Commanders and Sergeants.[3]

The weapon is also used by certain Astra Militarum Rough Rider formations.[5]

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