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The Chainaxe is a type of Chain Weapon.[1]


Once used by the Legiones Astartes, it is now the favored weapon of the Khorne Berzerkers. It takes the form of an axe with motorized chainsaw teeth and is able to tear through both flesh and armour with relative ease. The Chainaxe has long been closely associated with the World Eaters Legion. In the last ten thousand years however, as Khornate Berzerkers arise in other Legions, the weapon has become more widely used among Chaos forces as a whole.

Before the Horus Heresy, the Chainaxe was commonly issued to Marine assault squads during the Great Crusade. A handful of assault oriented Space Marine chapters such as the Flesh Tearers and Space Wolves have been known to still utilize them on occasion.[3]


Khornate Chainaxe

A Khornate Chainaxe is a heavier and more powerful version used by Khornate Berzerkers, effective at penetrating heavy armour.[2]

Castir-Pattern Chain Greataxe

The Castir Pattern Chain Greataxe is a massive chainaxe used by fanatical followers of Khorne. It most distinguishing feature is a double-sided head housing two independently mounted chain assemblies, designed to be swung in wide swaths.[5]

Ork Chainaxes

Ork Choppas and Big Choppas often take form of crude and massive chainaxes.

Notable Chain Axes



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