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Chains of Judgement

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The Chains of Judement was a prison barge in service to the Inquisition.[1a]


The Chains of Judgement started its life as a Iconoclast Destroyer, fighting against the Imperium forces in the Angevin Crusade. It was captured in 487.M39 and, being too weak to be of any use to the Crusade, was given to the Inquisition to aid in rooting out heresy in the fledgling Calixis Sector. The Chains of Judgement was repaired and refitted as a prison barge tasked with conveying heretics to Scintilla, capital planet of the Calixis Sector, for specialized interrogation or long term incarceration.[1a]

It served this purpose for centuries until disaster struck, while it was under the command of Inquisitor Renthor of the Ordo Malleus. Renthor was a Radical and had a Daemonhost called Karnak Zul under his control - or so he thought. Seething with hatred at being imprisoned by the Inquisitor, Zul used his powers on a weak-willed member of the ship's crew, while the ship was in transit in the Warp, who weakened the bonds imprisoning the Daemonsthost. What followed was absolute carnage as Zul made its way through the ship, killing its crew and freeing the thousands of prisoners held with it. Inquisitor Renthor and his right hand Interrogator Crane rallied his Acolytes and the ship's crew to bring down the uprising and regain control of the ship. Karnak Zul would eventually confront the Inquisitor in the ship's armoury, mortally wounding him. Before he died. the Inquisitor activated a set of binding wards he had inscribed on the deck of the armoury, binding Karnak Zul in place. Crane was then able to seal the armoury doors, trapping the Daemonhost within.[1a]

With the ship crippled and the Navigator killed, Crane knew if they exited the Warp it could be years until the Imperium found them, which would give the still rioting prisoners more then enough time to escape. Instead, Crane and Renthor's remaining Acolytes locked down the ship and sealed themselves into stasis caskets, planning to remain there until the reserve generators could no longer support them. By that time, they hoped, the prisoners would all be dead, and they could reclaim the ship for the Emperor. The Chains of Judement became a drifting derelict for centuries as the surviving prisoners and crew turned feral and preyed on one another; and when the Geller field flickered, Daemons would enter the ship to prey on them in return. Eventually, the Chains of Judgement's generators began to fail, which powered the stasis caskets. Once power reached a critically low percentage, the caskets opened, freeing Crane and the Acolytes, but also freeing dangerous prisoners, who due to their powers, were imprisoned in stasis caskets[1a]. The prisoners made their way through crumbling ship to the bridge, where they planned on taking control of the ship and exiting the Warp. They entered the Interrogator's stronghold and fought Crane and the surviving Acolytes emerging victorious. Afterwards, the prisoners navigated the Chains of Judgement into the Screaming Vortex, where they abandoned the crippled ship, once they reached a planet within the Warpstorm.[1b]