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Chalchidean Grenadiers

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The Chalchidean Grenadiers was a Solar Auxilia Regiment, which took part in the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]


When the Heresy began, the Grenadiers were among the Imperial forces stationed on Hydra Cordatus' Cadmean Citadel, when the Iron Warriors invaded the world. The 33rd Grand Battalion, led by Siege Captain Valkar, and the Tyranthikos, led by the veteran Dion were the first of the Iron Warriors' forces to attack the Citadel. The Grenadiers defended it, along with the Imperial Fists' 42nd Company and the Mechanicum, with the Regiment striking from hidden underground bunkers. As the Iron Warriors neared them, the Grenadiers were able to kill dozens of the traitors, before the Iron Warriors found the bunkers and destroyed them.[1]