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Challenge of the Labyrinth

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The Challenge of the Labyrinth is a ritual trial held by the Chaos Space Marines of the Sons of Malice warband.[1]

Every century, the entirety of the Sons of Malice gather in the derelict battleship Labyrinth. Following a feast of still-living human flesh, members of the warband may nominate themselves to take part in the Challenge - those who win ascend to the ranks of the Doomed Ones, the warband's elite.[1]

The challengers must descend into the Labyrinth, unarmed and unarmoured, and make their way through the vessel's depths using whatever they can scavenge along the way to defend themselves from the mutants that prowl through the ship. The Chaos Marines must reach the final chamber, containing the exit from the maze. However, only the first to make it to the exit chamber is allowed to leave; the remaining survivors are sealed within the Labyrinth, where exposure to the raw stuff of the Warp will result in them degenerating - these failed contestants bolster the ranks of the mutants that future challengers must face next time.[1]

Known Challengers