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Chalnath Expanse

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Chalnath Expanse is a region of space, presumably in Ultima Segmentum.[1]


The Expanse became embroiled by conflict in the aftermath of the creation of the Great Rift, most notable of which were Genestealer Cult uprisings and Tau invasions. Not one system avoided conflict. The Tau Commander Shadowsun herself attacked Astorgius while Ctesiphus and Arrajian were the site of Genestealer uprisings. On Haephos, the Imperial defenders engaged in a bitter guerrilla war against the Genestealers and Tau infiltrators. The Riatov System became an inferno of battle between the Tau, Imperial Guard, and Genestealers. Vorotheion seemed immune to the violence for a time before becoming embroiled in a Tau invasion. The Tau wooed disenfranchised Human populations to the Greater Good, establishing insurrectionist cells and proxies to battle the Imperials alongside their conventional forces. The effects of the Psychic Awakening soon made themselves known on the Humans, with Imperial Priests performing "miracles" and even Gue'vesa forces going into bouts of insanity.[2]

The disturbances caused the Order of the Sacred Rose to respond, saving those who remained true to the Emperor while purging all heretics they came across. Warriors of the Tau Fire Caste put up formidable resistance, but the Sisters find the largest threat to be Ethereals whose preachings claim countless Human souls.[1]

Known Systems[2]