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Chaos Artefacts

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Artifacts of the powers of Chaos

Antithesis Stone

Main article: Antithesis Stone

A sentient stone capable of using its power to mutate a populace and further controlling any mutants within its influence.


Main article: Athame

Atlas Infernal

Main article: Atlas Infernal

Axe of Blind Fury

The Axe of Blind Fury has the furious essence of a Greater Daemon of Khorne bound within it. It rages against its eternity of servitude, resulting in both grievous damage against its victims as well as occasionally its wielder.[3]

Black Blade

Main article: Black Blade

An enormous Daemon Sword wielded by the Primarch Angron after his apotheosis. It was destroyed by a Grey Knight named Hyperion during the First War for Armageddon.

Black Cube

Main article: Black Cube

Black Mace

The Black Mace is a mace that is said to have been cursed by each of the Daemon Primarchs. One who is struck by the mace is instantly reduced to smoldering bone, while the curse itself spreads in a shockwave.[3]


Main article: Bloodtide

Book of Lorgar

Main article: Book of Lorgar

The Book of Lorgar is a tome produced by Lorgar of the Word Bearers legion and contained his own words on the subject of religion. It was considered as sacred by the legion, especially Chaplain Erebus.[1]

Book of Magnus

Main article: Book of Magnus

The Book of Magnus is a tome produced by Magnus the Red of the Thousand Sons legion, it contained all of the arcane lore and sorcery discovered by the legion during the Great Crusade. Its last known location was in the possession of Ahzek Ahriman, and it is that rumoured a copy is housed the Black Library.

Bronze Malifects

Main article: Bronze Malifects

Burning Books of Khorne

Burning Brand of Skalathrax

The Burning Brand of Skalathrax is a flamethrower which was used by Kharn the Betrayer during the Battle of Skalathrax. It is disputed if it is in fact an artefact of Tzeentch or Khorne.[3]

Chaos Android

Main article: Chaos Android


Main article: Chirurgeon

Corona Nox

Main article: Corona Nox

Crucible of Lies

Main article: Crucible of Lies

Cube of Chaos

Main article: Cube of Chaos

Cursus of Alganar

Main article: Cursus of Alganar

Daemon Gate

Main article: Daemon Gate

Dark Matter Crystal

Main article: Dark Matter Crystal

Dimensional Key

Main article: Dimensional Key

The Dimensional Key is an ancient key created from the thighbone of a Daemon Prince. When thrust into the heart of a dying warrior, it unlocks the barriers between worlds. It is capable of guiding those nearby into the Warp.[3]


Main article: Doomstone


Main article: Drach'nyen

Eternal Blade

Main article: Eternal Blade

Eye of Night

Main article: Eye of Night

Hand of Darkness

Main article: Hand of Darkness

Hellforged Artefacts

Hellforged Artefacts are items of legendary rarity, gifted only to Daemons who are in great favour with their masters. There is only one of each type of Hellforged Artefact in the entire Galaxy.[4]

Hellfire Stone

The Hellfire Stone is an alter capable of accessing the power of Khorne.

Last Memory of the Yuranthos


Main article: Maledictum

The Maledictum was hidden on the world of Tartarus and contained a powerful daemon. Sindri Myr fought to secure its power for himself and used the sacrifice of the Blood Ravens, Imperial Guard and population of Tartarus to open it.[2]

Malus Codicium

The Malus Codicium was a dangerous tome containing Daemonic knowledge.

Murder Sword

The Murder Sword is a deadly weapon which is rumoured to have been the Anathame, the blade used to corrupt Horus on Davin.[3]


Main article: Necrolectifiers


The Necroteuch was a book containing forbidden and corrupting lore on Chaos

Screaming Cage

Main article: Screaming Cage

Screaming Flail

Main article: Screaming Flail

Scrolls of Magnus

The Scrolls of Magnus are illustrated pages of skin that carry the profound sorcerous knowledge of Magnus the Red. None possess these scrolls and remain sane for long.[3]

Seer Stones

Main article: Seer Stones


Main article: Shadowlight

Skull of Ker'ngar

Main article: Skull of Ker'ngar

Spineshiver Blade

Main article: Spineshiver Blade

Staff of Tomorrow

Main article: Staff of Tomorrow

Talon of Horus

Main article: Talon of Horus


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