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Chaos Child (Novel)

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Chaos Child
Author Ian Watson
Publisher Black Library
Series Inquisition War
Preceded by Harlequin (Novel)
Pages 320
Editions Chaos Child ISBN 1-84154-255-5

Cover Description

Devastated by the death of a close ally, renegade Inquisitor Jaq Draco prepares to surrender his very soul to the gods of Chaos, so he may discover the mythical place where time is reversed and the dead may rise again. Only by renouncing his fanatical faith in the God-Emperor can he hope to achieve his ultimate goal - and an eternity of damnation!


The surviving members of Draco's group arrive from the Webway to a planet, from which they travel to Sabulorb, a planet Meh'Lindi had incidentally been sent to a hundred years earlier. Thousand Sons Marines arrive (at some point in the story) to retrieve the stolen Book of the Rhana Dandra. Jaq Draco enters the Webway. Everyone dies or goes insane. The series apparently ends in a cliffhanger. However, while Jaq does die he enters a state of satori or enlightenment, literally he becomes one with the Webway and can see and learn things he couldn't do while he was alive. While he couldn't save Meh'lindi due to her hypnotic state, she escapes the Webway thinking that her saviors are in fact Phoenix Lords.