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Chaos Icons

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Chaos Icons are icons, banners, and standards carried by the worshipers of Chaos that act as magnets for the powers of the Warp, enhancing their own power.[1]

Chaos Icons miniature (4th Edition - 2007)


Icon of Wrath

Khorne mark.png

Icons of Wrath are dedicated to Khorne. The curses of the Blood God resound into the minds of those within the shadow of this icon, compelling them to hurl themselves at the enemy.[1]

Icon of Despair

Nurgle mark.png

Icons of Despair are dedicated to Nurgle. This icon is surrounded by a miasma of disease and hopelessness, bombarding the minds of nearby enemies with visions of deaths.[1]

Icon of Excess

Slaanesh mark.png

Icons of Excess are dedicated to Slaanesh. Depravity hangs from this icon, driving those in its shadow into an orgy of sensation-seeking that is only halted by the complete mutilation of their bodies.[1]

Icon of Flame

Tzeentch mark.png

Icons of Flame are dedicated to Tzeentch. These icons generate energies which swath the weapons of the devout with a mutating flame.[1]

Icon of Vengeance

Chaos Star.jpg

Icons of Vengeance are used by the forces of Chaos Undivided. These icons shrine brightly in the Warp, gathering the energies of Chaos and unleashing them on nearby followers of the Dark Gods, spurring them to acts of suicidal bravery.[1]