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Chaos Psychic Powers

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Chaos Psychic Powers concentrate on offensive effects. Chaos-aligned psykers, including the Chaos Space Marine Sorcerers, are among the most powerful of all psykers, as they may use their powers to their fullest extent, without fear of daemonic possession. However, if the psyker is not in his patron god's favour, then he is as likely to be destroyed by daemonic possession as any other psyker in the galaxy.

A Chaos Sorcerer[1g]

Major Psychic Powers

Along with the non-aligned Chaos powers, there is a unique power associated with each god, usable only by their worshipers.[2a]

Chaos Undivided

Chaos Undivided
Name Notes/Effects Sources
Doombolt Bolts made of raw chaos energy are launched by the sorcerer against his enemies. Made from dark energy of the coalesced spite and loathing of the sorceror. [2a][4]
Gift of Chaos A whirling flash of Chaos energy is unleashed by the sorcerer, enveloping his target and rapidly mutating them. Those who survive the distortion of flesh and bone become a Chaos Spawn. [2a]
Mass Mutation This spell may be cast on any other Chaos Space Marines. A conduit is opened to the warp and daemons temporarily possess the bodies of the Chaos marines, mutating them and giving them increased strength and resilience. [1a]
Warptime The sorcerer alters the flow of time around himself, allowing for attacks with supernatural precision. [2a]
Wind of Chaos The sorcerer calls forth the corruption from within his soul, unleashing waves of energy that are subtly different for each sorcerer: a sheet of iridescent warp fire for the followers of Tzeentch, a golden cloud of rapturous agony or a rain of hypnotic light for the worshipers of Slaanesh, a stream of bilious filth for those devoted to Nurgle. [2a][4]


Because Khorne detests sorcery and all its users, no psychic powers are per se granted to its followers.[1b] However, the Blessing of the Blood God is a unique power granted to Khorne's greatest champion, Kharn the Betrayer, which renders him immune from all psychic attacks[2b].


Name Notes/Effects Sources
Nurgle's Rot The sorcerer belches forth a disgusting miasma of disease, causing instant infection and a slow, painful death to those in the area, filling the air with a thick, acrid fog and swarms of massive bloated flies. [2a][4]
Gift of Contagion The Psyker gathers clouds of contagion and rot-flies about his enemies, infecting them with Nurgle's pestilence. [6]
Plague Wind The Psyker belches a wind of plague that blows through enemy forces. [6]
Weapon Virus The Psyker invokes the generosity of Nurgle, infesting his foe's weapons with viral decay. [6]
Stream of Corruption The Psykers jaw opens inhumanely wide, spewing forth a stream of disease and noxious gas. [7]
Miasma of Pestilence The Psyker surrounds himself with a sickly odor that incapacitates all nearby foes. [7]
Rancid Visitations The Psyker reaches out his hand and laughs, engulfing his enemies in an extremely contagious infection that rots their organs. [7]


Name Notes/Effects Sources
Bolt of Change The sorcerer hurls a bolt of roiling energy, formed of raw immaterium, which causes rapid mutation, melting flesh and vaporizing metal. [2a]
Boon of Mutation The Psyker lays his hands upon a warrior marked for glory, channeling the power of Chaos into him until his flesh mutates, enhanced by the Warp. [6]
Breath of Chaos The Psyker inhales, sucking in the negative energies of the battlefield and then releasing them in a great mutating cloud that leaves its victims bodies running like wax. [6]
Flickering Fire of Tzeentch The wielder makes his foes spontaneously combust. [7]
Infernal Gateway The caster opens up a portal to the Warp, sucking its enemies into oblivion. [7]
Twisting Path The sorcerer reaches into his enemy's mind, causing an unsettling waking dream in which they ally themselves with the Dark Powers. During this time their foe is temporarily stunned, the sorcerer is able to retrieve information from their mind, implant post-hypnotic suggestions and alter memories. [1b]
Tzeentch's Firestorm The Psyker conjures a storm of pink and blue fire that mutates his foes into foul Chaos Spawns. [7]


Name Notes/Effects Sources
Acquiescence The Psyker engulfs his enemies with a haze of broken dreams and unattainable goals, leaving them distracted and ripe for slaughter. [7]
Cacophonic Choir The Psyker breathes in the power of the Warp and emits an ear-piercing chorus of screams that tortures those nearby and strips them of their sanity. [7]
Lash of Submission The sorcerer lashes out with a glowing whip of immaterial energy which snakes out from their hand. Those caught within its ethereal barbs are momentarily brought under the control of the psyker. [2a]
Lash of Slaanesh A tongue-like whip of energy erupts from the Psyker, capable of shattering enemy forces. [7]
Hysterical Frenzy The Psyker chants goad his followers into a frenzy of activity, driving them to greater acts of sensation-seeking destruction. [6]
Pavane of Slaanesh The Psyker utters the forbidden dances of Slaanesh, forcing his opponents to jerk and spasm until their bones break. [7]
Sensory Overload The Psyker overloads the nervous and sensory systems of their enemies. [6]
Symphony of Pain Opening his mouth beyond normal limits, the psyker shrieks a barrage of raw Chaos energy at his enemy. [6]

Minor Psychic Powers


Name Notes/Effects Sources
Nurgle's Dance The sorcerer temporarily gains control of his enemies' minds, causing them to reveal themselves for attack. [1c]
Nausea This spell invokes nausea and disorientation in others, weakening their ability to fight back. [1c]
Affliction The sorcerer inflicts a deadly contagion on a single foe, injuring and potentially killing them in the process. [1c]
Miasma of Pestilence Clouds of pestilence and insects are summoned, preventing the enemy's advance through an area. [1c]
Aura of Decay The sorcerer surrounds himself in an aura of corruption, weakening his enemies' blows in combat. [1c]


Name Notes/Effects Sources
Fueled By Pain This spell causes the sorcerer's combat prowess to increase with every sensation of pain. [1d]
Siren The sorcerer assumes the form of someone to whom the enemy, out of love or admiration, would never cause harm. [1d]
Beam of Slaanesh The sorcerer unleashes a ray of rainbow colours that confuses and disorients the enemy. [1d]
Touch of Slaanesh A delicate caress by the sorcerer renders his enemies insensible and unable to defend themselves. [1d]
She Who Thirsts Having dealt a mortal blow to his enemy, the sorcerer rips out their very soul, causing fear in those around the unfortunate being. [1d]


Name Notes/Effects Sources
Pink Fire of Tzeentch The sorcerer engulfs his foe in Warp-fire. [1e]
Psychic Duel The sorcerer reaches across the battlefield into an enemy psyker's mind, preventing them from summoning their own powers. [1e]
Reckoning of Tzeentch Receiving the blessings of Tzeentch, the sorcerer is allowed to see into the future. [1e]
Weaves of Fate The sorcerer gains insight from the Master of Deceit, allowing for superior planning for attacks. [1e]
Withering Gaze This spell causes the sorcerer's eyes to burn with a small portion of Tzeentch's own baleful gaze, causing the enemy to look away in terror. [1e]

Other Powers

Rubric of Ahriman

The Rubric of Ahriman was a spell cast by Ahriman on the Thousand Sons legion after escaping into the Eye of Terror. He was so appalled at the mutations he saw among his brothers that he vowed to stop them. However, he only succeeded in destroying the bodies of his brothers and sealing them within their own armour. Only the intervention of Magnus the Red was enough to stop the spell destroying the entire legion.[1f]

Storm of Change

Main article: Storm of Change

The Storm of change is an incredibly powerful psychic attack performed by a group of Chaos Sorcerers from a Thousand Sons Warcoven. While devastating to the enemy, it often results in the complete draining of psychic energy from the casting sorcerer.

Chains of Torment

Barbed chains erupt from the ground which immobilize enemy infantry and cause minor damage. However, it is not effective against vehicles or structures.[5]


Chaos taint is cast over an area of the battlefield, causing all units in the area of effect to take continual damage.[5]


Allows the sorcerer to teleport short distances.[5]

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