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Chaos Space Marine Bike

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Chaos Biker

A Chaos Space Marine Bike is a fast moving reconnaissance vehicle designed to scout enemy positions and eradicate units which are too slow to pose a threat.


Bikers are recognised, even among Chaos Space Marine forces, as ruthless and cruel individuals and will often pursue a foe for miles, either due to their determination for the kill, or as a perverse method of torturing their victim. They are also often covered in spikes and spurs to cut enemies up as they pass by.[1a] They are also often used by Chaos Lords and Sorcerers to increase their mobility.[1b] Originally bikes were simply another piece of hardware to the Space Marines, but over the past thousands of years in the warp they have almost become an extension of the driver.[2a]

Chaos Space Marine Bike Squadron

Chaos Bike Squadrons number between three to ten members, each bike armed with twin-linked bolters and each rider with a bolt pistol and Close Combat Weapon, frag and krak grenades and power armour. A single biker may carry an Icon of Glory, Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, or Tzeentch. Two bikers can replace their Close Combat Weapon with a plasma gun, meltagun or flamer and one may be upgraded to a Biker Champion who may take a Power Weapon or Power Fist and upgrade his Bolt Pistol to a Plasma Pistol. He may also carry melta bombs.[1c]

In 3rd Edition, bikers following Slaanesh could also change their bike-weapon for a Doom Siren.[2b]