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Chaos Space Marine Equipment (List)

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This is a list of the Equipment and Wargear available to most Chaos Space Marine warbands.

General Wargear

General Wargear
Name Notes
Accursed Idol Sorcerer item
Banner of Chaos
Binder Fungus
Collar of Khorne Gift of Khorne
Combat drugs Gift of Slaanesh
Crown of Prospero Gift of Tzeentch
Dark Halo
Dimensional Key
Golden Eye of Tzeentch Gift of Tzeentch
Icon of Change Tzeentchian item/Sorcerer item
Icon of Pain Tzeentchian item/Sorcerer item
Inferno Bolts Gift of Tzeentch
Jump Pack
Mechatendril Worn by Warpsmiths
Skull Mask of Ang’grath Khornate item
Spiky Bits
Talisman of Burning Blood Gift of Khorne
Talisman of Tzeentch Gift of Tzeentch
Teleport Homer
Vestments of the Warp Sorcerer item
Warp Focus Sorcerer item
Warp Talisman Sorcerer item

Steeds and Followers

Steeds and Followers
Name Notes
Chaos Hound Follower
Disc of Tzeentch Steed, Gift of Tzeentch
Familiar Sorcerer Follower
Juggernaut of Khorne Steed, Gift of Khorne
Steed of Slaanesh Steed, Gift of Slaanesh
Thrall Wizard Sorcerer Follower

Icons and Banners

Icons and Banners
Name Notes
Banner of Rage Gift of Khorne
Blasted Standard Gift of Tzeentch
Chaos Icons
Daemon Icon
Icon of Chaos Undivided
Personal Icon
Plague Banner Gift of Nurgle
Rapturous Standard Gift of Slaanesh


Name Notes
Armour of Alpharius
Armour of Hate
Armour of Pestilence Nurglesque item
Armour of the Inferno
Blood Disciples Armour
Daemon Armour
Daemonic Armour Nurglesque item
Daemonic Gauntlets
Fetid Armor Nurglesque item
Helm of Alpharius
Helm of Lorgar
Mantle of Hate
Pauldrons of Doom
Power Armor
Raptor Shock Armour Worn exclusively by Chaos Raptors
Robes of Torment Sorcerer item
Robes of Unholy Fortitude Sorcerer item
Robes of the Deathless Tzeentchian item/Sorcerer item
Rubric Touched Helm Sorcerer item
Runic Boots
Sorcerer Daemon Armour Sorcerer item
Sorcerer's Power Armour Sorcerer item
Spiked Armour
Terminator Armour

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