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Chaos Squat

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Chaos Squats miniatures[Needs Citation]

Chaos Squats are those of the Squat race who have fallen to the powers of Chaos.[1]


During the Horus Heresy some Squat Homeworlds supported Horus and sent Brotherhood forces to join his armies. These forces were later driven into the Eye of Terror after Horus' death and they settled on many scattered worlds. Most of these worlds lie on the south-eastern fringe of the Eye of Terror, the portion closest to the Squat Homeworlds clustered towards the galactic core. Their worlds are much like the Homeworlds, and the Chaos Squats have replicated their ancient culture, but added to it an unstinting devotion to the Chaos Gods.[1]

Chaos Squats often serve as the armorers and artificers of Chaos armies, using their technical abilities to construct Daemon Engines. It is thought that Chaos Squats are responsible for the maintenance of Chaos Titans as well. In battle, Chaos Squats fight with unparalleled ferocity, favoring heavy firepower to slaughter their foes. As mortal followers of Chaos, Chaos Squats will sometimes sport mutations.[2]