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Chaos Warlord Titan

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Chaos Warlord Titan[1a]

The Chaos Warlord Titan are Imperial Warlord Titans corrupted by the powers of Chaos which now serve in the Traitor Titan Legions.[1b]

These Titans wield weaponry similar to those of their Imperial cousins such as the Volcano Cannon, Quake Cannon, Plasma Destructor, Macro Gatling Blaster, Laser Blaster, and Vortex Missile.[3]. However they also have unique armaments such as the Doomburner (similar to the Volcano Cannon), Havoc Rack, and Doomfist. They are also are known to spawn battle claws, weapon-tipped tails, and tentacles known as Chaos Energy Whips.[1b]

The first known appearance of Chaos-corrupted Warlord Titans was during the Battle of Beta-Garmon, when the Word Bearers and Dark Mechanicum infected several Legio Vulpa Warlords. The unfortunate Princeps of these engines were permanently fused to their machines and corrupted by Daemons.[2]

Known Chaos Warlord Titans

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