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Chapter Master

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Leader of a Space Marine Chapter; for the series of honorific titles, see Master (Space Marine).
Space Marine Chapter Master[1]

A Space Marine Chapter is led by a Chapter Master, who is at once one of the Chapter's most experienced warriors and among the most gifted military leaders in the Imperium.

Role and Responsibilities

A Chapter Master possesses centuries of battle experience and is invariably highly skilled in tactics, leadership and all kinds of combat. In battle he leads from the front, combining front-line combat with tactical and strategic assessment that allows him to see how victory can be accomplished.[1]

A Chapter Master is a peer of the Imperium, the leader of an autonomous military force of nearly unrivaled power, and as such is answerable to the authority of no other, except to other such Masters.[1]

In addition to his military responsibilities, a Chapter Master often acts as Governor of his Chapter's homeworld, and has overall command of immense battle-fleets, PDF units, and civilian organizations.[1a]

Chapter Variations

The title "Chapter Master" is not consistent throughout the Adeptus Astartes, and some Chapters use different titles to describe a similar rank. The most notable variations include the Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels, the Great Wolf of the Space Wolves, the High Marshal of the Black Templars, and the Master of Shadows of the Raven Guard. Other specialized titles are listed below.

Some Chapter Masters have adopted additional responsibilities by combining their ranks with one or more of the other highest ranks of their Chapter. For instance, several Masters of the Blood Ravens (who are renowned for the obsessive search for knowledge) have combined the title and duties of Chapter Master and Chief Librarian.

Notable Chapter Masters

Name Title Variant Chapter
Gabriel Angelos Blood Ravens
Azrael Supreme Grand Master Dark Angels
Marneus Augustus Calgar Ultramarines
Carab Culln[2] Lord High Commander Red Scorpions
Dante Lord Commander Blood Angels
Kaldor Draigo Supreme Grand Master Grey Knights
Logan Grimnar Great Wolf Space Wolves
Helbrecht High Marshal Black Templars
Kardan Stronos Iron Father Iron Hands (de facto)
Pedro Kantor Crimson Fists
Jubal Khan Great Khan White Scars
Khoisan Neotera[3] Mantis Warriors
Gregor Dessian Imperial Fists
Sarpedon Chapter Master (and Chief Librarian) Soul Drinkers
Kayvaan Shrike Master of Shadows Raven Guard
Seydon Iron Snakes
Tu'Shan Master of the Fire Drakes Salamanders
Gabriel Seth Flesh Tearers
Zargo Castellan Angels Encarmine

Renegade Chapter Masters


Space Marine Infantry
Chapter Command Chapter MasterMaster of SanctityChief LibrarianMaster of the ApothecarionMaster of the ForgeMaster (Master of the WatchMaster of the FleetMaster of the ArsenalMaster of the MarchesMaster of the RitesMaster of RelicsLord ExecutionerMaster of RecruitsMaster of the SignalMaster of Reconnaissance)Chapter Ancient (Primaris Ancient) • Chapter ChampionHonour Guard
Company Command Company Command SquadReclusiam Command SquadCaptain (Primaris Captain) • Lieutenant (Primaris LieutenantVanguard Lieutenant) • Company Ancient (Bladeguard Ancient) • Company Champion
Specialists Librarian (EpistolaryCodicierLexicanumPrimaris LibrarianVanguard Librarian) • Chaplain (ReclusiarchPrimaris ChaplainJudiciar)Apothecary (Primaris ApothecaryHelix Adept) • Techmarine (Primaris Techmarine)
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Fire Support Squads Devastator SquadHellblaster SquadAggressor SquadEliminator SquadSuppressor SquadEradicator SquadDesolation SquadInfernus SquadDevastator Centurion Squad
Scouts Scout Squad