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Space Marine Standards

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Black Templars Chapter Banner[5b]

Standards are ceremonial objects of the Space Marine Chapters, marked with sacred motifs and battle honours gained in past conflicts.[3]


Carrying a Standard to battle is an ancient military tradition, dating back to the early days of Terran warfare. During the Horus Heresy, Legion Standards were a symbol of unity and inspiration for the Space Marine Legions. Whatever form they might have taken, it was beneath the shadow of these banners and icons that the tides of victory and defeat were determined.[12]

Present Day

Standards are the most revered of all the Chapter's artefacts. each standard has proudly flown over a hundred battlefields[2], heavy with the glories of the Chapter[4]. Every space marine will understand the exact meaning of every nuance and reference that has been woven into their lavish designs.[2]

As holy relics and objects of worship, they are hung in the Reclusiam of the Chapter's fortress-monastery.[1][8] Once a banner has been damaged, it will grace the halls of the Chapter Fortress-Monastery.[3]

Types of Standard

Chapter Standard

Crimson Fists Chapter Banner[17]

A chapter will own a number of Chapter Banners, but only one may ever be in use at any given time. It will have been consecrated by the Chapter' Reclusiarch and dedicated to the heroes of the Chapter past, present and future[3]. It is the physical representation of the honour of the Chapter.[7a]

In battle the banner will inspire the Marines to superhuman feats of martial prowess against the enemy that threatens this holiest relic. It is carried into battle by the Chapter Ancient[3], typically part of an Honour Guard.[5a]

Company Standard

The company banner is the physical heart of the company on the battlefield, and every Space Marine, from the most inexperienced Scout to the hoariest veteran, fights all the harder in its august presence. The Standard Bearer is trusted never to let the standard out of his grip while he still draws breath - to do otherwise is to invite the most terrible and shameful dishonour.[4]. A Company Standard is carried into battle by a Company Ancient, typically part of a Command Squad.[6]

Sacred Standard

A Sacred Standard is a type of Company Banner which embodies the faith and resolution of the Space Marines never to falter in the face of the enemy.[7b]

Back Banners

Back banners are worn on a telescopic aerial attached to the top of the backpack. They are often displayed to help identify a marine Squad and mark its progress on the battlefield. Volunteering to display the banner is a sought after act of heroism. [1]

Notable Standards


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