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Chaplain Chamosian.

Charmosian was a Space Marine Chaplain in the 18th Company of the Emperor's Children Legion.[1]


He wore the purple armor the Emperor's Children, offset in black instead of golden. He also wore the typical Skull Helm of a Chaplain and carried a Crozius Arcanum.[2a]


Charmosian rebelled with the Legion's Primarch, Fulgrim, against the Emperor, along with the majority of the Legion, during the Horus Heresy. He participated in the Battle of Istvaan III during which he conducted an attack from a Land Raider against Lucius, who still fought for the defenders.[2a] Lucius challenged and beheaded him, taking Charmosian's helmet supposedly as a trophy, but actually to use its built-in communications to defect to Eidolon.[2b]