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Chelon are large, herbivorous livestock animals native to the planet Hagia. They are a dominant feature of the planet's agriculture, and can be seen virtually anywhere in the countryside.[1b]


Even juvenile chelon can be large enough to bear a saddle capable of supporting a human man. When full-grown, a cow chelon can weigh around two tonnes and a bull chelon around three times that.[1c]

Chelon are herded by members of Hagia's agrarian caste, who wear off-white or beige robes. Some, known as drovers, use wooden rods called jiddi-sticks to entice the creatures to move.[1b] Saint Sabbat herself was the daughter of a shepherd.[1a]


"Ershul" is a slang word from Ylath, the dialect of Hagian herdsmen, for a chelon that eats its own feces. Ayatani Zweil refused to refer to the Infardi cultists invading Hagia by that name, since it was a loan word referring to pilgrims on Saint Sabbat's trail, and decided that "ershul" was a more appropriate appellation.[1b]

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